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Check out a few of our dancers in action in our Dance Magic performance videos below!

Find us on YouTube to watch even MORE of our stunning dance videos!

Premier Majestics - Lyrical Dance - "Elastic Heart"

(7th-10th grade competition team)

Jr. Elite - Character Dance - "Step In Time"

(6th-8th grade competition team)

Elite Majestics - Lyrical Dance - "Run to You"

(8th-12th grade competition team)

Pointe - Pointe Dance - "Circus"

(from our 2015 Fairytales & Fantasy Ballet)

Mini Elite - Lyrical Dance - "Halo"

(3rd-5th grade competition team)

The Majestics - Show Routine - "The Devil Went Down to Georgia"

(all competition team dancers, ages 5-18)

Elite Majestics - Lyrical Dance - "To Build a Home"

(9th-12th grade competition team)

Sr. Elite Crew - Hip Hop Dance - "Ice Cream Man"

(6th-12th grade combined competition team)

Tiny Stars w/soloist Kallie as Ariel - Ballet Dance -

"Part of Your World"

(3&4 year old Combo Class)

Modern II - Modern Dance - "Angel on Fire"

(5th-7th grade competition team)

Mini Elite - Contemporary Dance - "Roar"

(2nd-4th grade competition team)

Sr. Prep Majestics - Jazz Dance - "You Belong With Me"

(5th-7th grade competition team)

Ballet III - Ballet Dance - "O Christmas Tree"

Ages 7-9

The Majestics - Show Routine - "Sweatin'!"

(all competition team dancers, ages 5-18)

Sr. Prep Majestics - Lyrical Dance - "Wrecking Ball"

(5th-7th grade competition team)

Teacher Dance 2015 - Contemporary - "Thinking Out Loud"

(It's tradition!  Our instructors always do a dance in the year-end recital)

Small Stars - Tap Dance - "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch"

(4&5 year old Combo Class)

The Majestics - Show Routine - "Matilda"

(all competition team dancers, ages 5-18)

Jr. Elite - Contemporary - "Grief"

(6th-8th grade competition team)

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