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About Us

About Dance Magic & The Ballet School

Dance Magic was established in 1992 with a vision to create a dance studio which provides quality dance instruction, while emphasizing the importance of self-esteem.  Dance Magic has award-winning performance teams of all ages, teaches proper technique and specializes in superior Jazz, Ballet, and Tap instruction.  The Ballet School began in 1996 and is focused on teaching classical ballet technique and performance to produce confident dancers who will be able to use their ballet base to explore all aspects of dance.  2009-2010 marked the melding of Dance Magic and The Ballet School.  As a unified school our dancers benefit from a broader base of class offerings where they can study various dance disciplines.


Payment Information        

Tuition is due the first class of each month.  All payments are non-refundable.  An automatic payment system is available this year—to sign up fill out the available form; a $5 per month discount is applied for using this system (autopay is withdrawn from checking accounts only, not credit cards).   Automatic payments will be taken out on the 1st of each month.  Returned automatic payments (and checks) will result in a $10 fee.  Dance Magic accepts the following forms of payment: Automatic withdrawal, Check, Cash, Money Order, Visa or MasterCard.  Please fill out and attach a payment form to accompany each payment.  A $10.00 late fee will be assessed on the 15th of the month.  All payments should be made payable to: Dance Magic. 


Monthly statements and invoices are available upon request and will be sent via email.  Registering commits you to a nine-month season.  If a student must withdraw, a request must be submitted in writing prior to the 15th of the month to avoid being charged for the subsequent month.  Failure to show does not indicate drop out.  No pro-rating for missed classes and no refunds are given.  Dance Magic will charge monthly fees whether or not the dancer is present until properly notified in writing of dancer's withdrawal.  Tuition is never prorated; some months you will have five weeks of instruction, some months you will have three weeks of instruction.  Tuition remains the same.  Shorter months (December and May) still have full tuition because your dancer receives extra instruction and time spent on them for the recitals.



Each dancer is charged a $30.00 registration fee annually, or $75.00 maximum per family.  This fee includes registration, a Dance Magic T-shirt, studio liability insurance and other exciting rewards during the year.  This fee is non-refundable.



Dance Magic is a performing studio, therefore each dancer will need costumes to perform in during the year.  Parents will need to purchase these costumes.  Costume prices range from $35-$85 (depending on the class).  Costume fees are due on October 1st.  A late fee of $10 per class will be added to any late payments.  Costumes will not be ordered for your child until you have paid your costume fee.  Failure to pay on time will result in your dancer's costume not arriving in time for the recital.  For those set up on autopay, your costume fees will automatically be taken out on the due date. 


We desire that the dancers look stunning and feel good about what they are wearing while performing.  Therefore, each costume is chosen based upon four factors: Affordability, Age Appropriateness (Modesty), Durability, and Appearance.  Some costumes will be used from year-to-year to keep costs low.  Special efforts should be made in costume care; directions will accompany your dancer’s costumes.



Dance Magic follows the Iron County School District calendar for attendance & holidays.  If school is not in session, dance will not be held.  For days when class is not held due to a holiday, dancers are welcome to attend another class that same week to make-up for the missed dance day.  However, attendance at this type of class does require Director approval as instructor preparations are required.

Covid-19 Operating Procedures, Zoom Classes

Students, Teachers, and Parents agree to comply with Dance Magic’s Covid-19 Operating Procedures (found on our website and posted in the studio).  Safety and appropriate sanitation will be followed at all times.  Sick dancers should not attend class.  Anyone who has come into contact with someone testing positive for Covid-19 should not attend class for two weeks.  Zoom Class options will be offered for those in quarantine or who are sick (other exceptions made by the Studio Director on a case-by-case basis).  Parents must contact our Office Manager at 24 hours prior to the start of their class to be able to participate via Zoom for that day. 

Dance Shoes

All dancers will need proper shoes to practice and perform.  Dance Magic offers quality shoes at affordable rates that dancers are welcome to purchase through our studio.  Shoes are ordered from our website HERE. Dancers must bring their dance shoes to wear at each class.  Wearing proper dance shoes helps prevent injuries to your dancer.  All Majestic Team shoes must be ordered through the studio to ensure uniformity.

Dress Code

To ensure proper technique, alignment and learning, ALL dancers must wear clothing that allows for ease of movement without sloppiness.  The following attire is considered appropriate: leotards/biketards, tights, dance pants, capris or shorts, fitted t-shirts, and tank tops. The following attire is against studio dress code (not permitted): baggy shirts or shorts, jeans, school clothes, bare midriffs.  ABSOLUTELY NO BARE MIDRIFFS OR BRA TOPS.  Dancers not wearing appropriate attire will be asked to change before participating or asked to sit out.  Your dancer may be asked to wear Studio Dancewear clothes if not dressed appropriately.  All dancers must have their hair pulled up out of their face for each class.  Ballet class dress code is: any black or pink leotard, sheer wrap skirt, pink tights, and pink ballet shoes.  Dancers in ballet classes MUST wear form-fitting attire.


To encourage team unity in the Majestic Team classes, dress code will be observed:  black biketard and proper footwear.   To ensure uniformity, biketards must be ordered through the studio; cost ranges from $20-$30, depending on size.  Dance Magic T-Shirt or fitted tank may also be worn to each class.  



Attendance is essential.  Dance is a team sport and when one dancer is not in attendance, the entire team is hindered.  If a dancer should have an emergency and cannot attend class, please call and notify the instructor.  At the instructor’s discretion, dancers may not perform if practices prior to a performance or competitions are missed.  


Please make sure dancers are dropped off no earlier than ten minutes before class and are picked up in a timely manner after their lesson.  Being on time to class is extremely important.  Dancers who do not properly stretch are at great risk for injury.  Being tardy is also extremely disruptive to class instruction.  Please be respectful and bring your dancer to class ON TIME.

Dancers who are habitually dropped off early or picked up late will be charged extra tuition.  We are not a daycare and do not have staff to watch your children in the lobby.  We want your children to be safe and to stay out of trouble. 

Due to our COVID-19 Operating Procedures, ALL CLASSES will be dismissed FIVE MINUTES early.  Parents are expected to pick up their children when class is dismissed to avoid late pick-up fees.


You are welcome to observe your dancer's class, provided that you do not disrupt the instruction of the class.  Please limit your class observation to the viewing windows only.  

NOTE: Covid-19 Operating Procedures take priority over regular Observation policies


Dance Magic holds three recitals each year:  a Winter Recital which is performed in December, a full-production ballet which is held in April, and our year-end Spring Revue which is held in May. Dancers will usually have one or two other performance opportunities besides the recitals.  We perform at the Talons Craft Fair each November and are sometimes invited to perform at other community events.  


Competition dancers will perform at all three recitals, three competitions, and will perform at two or three other community events.

Please note that all performances, classes, and events are subject to permissibly being held due to pandemic safety concerns.  If the Governor, Mayor, City, State, President, County, Country, or legitimate safety concerns will not permit an event, performance, or class to be held, we will go to extreme measures to offer reasonable solutions & replacements (such as: online & Zoom classes, digital compilation performances, online competitions & events, etc.).  By participating, you understand that safety is the number one goal, we are at the mercy of a pandemic & government restrictions, and you trust that we will try our best to offer you reasonable alternatives.  You also understand that withdrawal policies remain the same, requiring notice upon withdrawal.  We will do our best to provide you with high quality dance instruction, however that may look this season during a pandemic and you will do your best to be understanding and supportive of the studio and your fabulous student!



Newsletters are the primary source of information for parents.  Please be sure that we have your correct email address, as newsletters will be emailed monthly.  Hard copies will also be available at the studio. These letters will inform parents of upcoming events, performances, fundraisers, payments that are due, competitions, parties, etc.  Please make sure you receive a newsletter every month and then kindly read it carefully.  You are responsible for regularly checking our website and your email, as much information will be shared via the internet.



To help parents and dancers afford the costs of tuition, costumes, competitions, accessories, tours, etc., Dance Magic provides quality fundraisers. These are completely optional and are the responsibility of the dancer and their parents. Majestic Team group fundraisers are different from the optional studio fundraisers.

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