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Placements - Company Teams & Ballet Classes








Placement INFO – Company Teams & Ballet Classes 2023-2024


Want your dancer to excel and take her dancing to new heights?  Come see how our Competition teams can help your dancer reach their goals!  On our teams, we have more time to focus on technique, strength, tumbling, choreography, artistic development, and so much more than we do in our other classes.  These dancers really excel.  Come see what all the buzz is about!  


All Placements will be Tuesday August 1st at Dance Magic Studios.


If unable to attend placement for a legitimate, unavoidable, excusable reason, please contact Nicole Mikkelson for a private placement.  However, this is not recommended.  It is always best for your dancer to audition with the group.  You should contact us before August 1st to schedule a private placement.  Private Placement Fee is $35 (this covers instructor's & director's time).  Private placements will be allowed on a case-by-case basis.


Please arrive 15-20 minutes early to fill out the Team Agreement Form, assign your dancer a number, and drop off your dancer.  PLEASE do not be late to Placements!


PARENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO WATCH DURING PLACEMENTS.  Please plan to drop your dancer off and leave.  The dancers are far more nervous when you watch.  This should be a positive experience for them.  We want to see them at their best.  :)  


Dancers will be assigned a NUMBER at placements.  Results will be posted on our website within 24-48 hours by dancer's audition NUMBER only.  We will also make an announcement on our Facebook page when we have posted the results.




-based on grade you are going into for 2023-2024 school year

K-1st Grade (invitation only for pre schoolers)



2nd-3rd Grade



4th-7th Grade



8th-12th Grade



--Dancers must be entering Kindergarten (or at least five years old by September 1st) to audition. 



-$40 Registration Fee

-$5 Placement Fee (this will be added to your account after placements)

-Registration Form (or online registration completed, preferred)

-Team Agreement Form completed (for company dancers; we will email to those registered by July 23rd, others will fill out on Placement Day)

-ACH Form (if enrolling in Autopay; recommended & discount given for this option. Find ACH form in our FORMS page or in our Dance Magic lobby. )


Dancers should wear tight-fitting ALL BLACK dance clothes.  Hair should be completely pulled up (no bangs!).  Dance shoes are recommended.  Dancers in 2nd-12th grade will also do a ballet placement as part of their Company Placement.  Dancers should bring ballet shoes if they have them (if en pointe, please bring pointe shoes as well).  Please bring proper ballet attire (ballet skirt/shorts/tight-fitting clothes).


* * * * * * * * 

Parents are needed to do the following prior to their dancer's placement:


1)  Register your dancer:  the best way to do this is ahead of time online HERE.  When registering online, please register under the COMPANY & BALLET PLACEMENTS class for now.  Then you will be able to pay your Registration Fee. After Placements, we will put your dancer in the correct classes online and charge the $5 placement fee to your account.  If for some reason you are unable to register online, you may register in person on the day of placements.  


 2)  Pay the $40 Registration Fee (again, this can be done online. If you are unable to do it online, you can do it in-person on the day of placements).  


3)  Fill out & read the Team Agreement Form (this just gives you an overview of what being on a team is all about, so there aren't any surprises).  You can fill it out at placements, or if you Register Online ahead of time (prior to August  1st), we will email you the link so you can fill it out ahead of time if you'd like. 


THAT'S IT!  It's super easy!

Need to order shoes or dancewear?  Please do that HERE (you may try some shoes on in person at the studio, if needed).  We will give you a list of all required items at Placements, you can also view these items on the FEES LIST.


Need one of our forms?  Visit our FORMS page.


Questions?  Contact Nicole Mikkelson at or (435) 233-4072.  




* * * * * * * * * * * 




2nd-3rd Grade



4th-5th Grade



6th-7th Grade



8th-12th Grade




Dancers should wear leotard, tights, and ballet shoes (bring pointe shoes if dancer is en pointe).  Ballet skirts, and shorts are optional.  Tight-fitting clothes are highly recommended.  Parents are needed to register their dancer online HERE or register in-person at placements and pay the $40 Registration Fee.  If a parent cannot register online or make it to placements to fill out the required paperwork, please contact Nicole at or via text/call at 435-233-4072 PRIOR TO PLACEMENTS so she can email you the paperwork to send with your dancer.  All Company dancers will attend Ballet Placements within their Team Placement time.


$40 Registration Fee is due at time of placement. $5 placement fee will be charged to your account after placements. 


Dancers younger than 2nd grade do not need to attend placement to find a proper fit for a ballet class.  You can sign up based on age.  Our ballet classes start as young as age 3.  Please talk to Nicole to find the best ballet class for your young dancer if you have questions.


Questions?  Contact Nicole Mikkelson at or text/call (435) 233-4072.

* * * * * * * * * * * 

Company Audition workshop is July 26th-27th    

 Kindergarten-1st 4-4:45pm (invitation only for pre schoolers)

           2nd-3rd 5-6pm

           4th-5th 5-6pm

           6th-7th 6-7pm

           8th-12th 6-7pm


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