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Before You Register . . .

Here are some important things you need to know:


(Online Registration Link Button is at Bottom of this Page, but PLEASE read all of this first)


1)  Thank you for choosing Dance Magic!  We’re excited to have you!


2)  All of our classes (except Technique & Tumbling classes) are PERFORMING classes and have a COSTUME FEE associated with them.  Costume Fees are due by OCTOBER 1st.  These costumes will be worn at our Recitals:  our Winter Recital in November/December, Ballet Recital (if applicable) in April, and our year-end Recital in May.  There may be a few other small community performances that we are invited to perform at.


3)  Please make sure you view our Fee Schedule HERE.  Please review it carefully as it will show you what to expect for the year in Fees on top of your dancer’s regular tuition.


4)  Our FEE SCHEDULE also shows you what Shoes and Dancewear are required for your dancer’s class.  All shoes and dancewear can be ordered on our website HERE.  


We understand it may take a few weeks to get all of the required shoes & dancewear for class.  Please try to have everything you need by September 14th.  


If you order shoes & dancewear from our website, your order will be shipped straight to your home.  


5)  If you are signing up for AUTOPAY or if you have a REFERRAL DISCOUNT, please make sure you read our Registration Instructions HERE (or see below) so we can be sure to get you enrolled in these discount programs correctly (to ensure you receive your discounts!).  You can pay the Registration Fee online with a card today and sign up for these other things later.  You can sign up online to have your credit or debit card charged every month if you’d like, but this type of recurring card payment option DOES NOT qualify you for any extra discount (only Autopay which is directly withdrawn from a bank account set-up and run securely through SBSU- qualifies for the Autopay discount; Autopay cannot be withdrawn from a credit/debit card. See FORMS for ACH form).


6)  Our season goes from August to May.  If you need to withdraw at any time before May, you must notify us in writing (letter, email, text) before the 15th of the month to not be charged for the subsequent month.  When you enroll in dance we save a spot for you, so we need notice when you are withdrawing.  Failure to attend does not indicate dropout. 


7)  No pro-rating for missed classes and NO REFUNDS are given. 


8)  If your dancer is too young (or too old) for a class (like Tiny Stars), the class will not appear when you are looking at the list of classes since it has an age restriction on it.  As is the case with any age-restricted class.  If you have any questions about classes or need assistance, please contact our Office Manager at:



By Registering, you agree you have read the above info and all Dance Magic Policies.



---IF ENROLLING IN AUTOPAY, please download and fill out the Autopay Form HERE:  you will then need to get us the form.  You can email us a scanned copy or photo of the form (, mail it to us, bring it to our registration night, or bring it to us at the studio sometime.  You can turn in the form at any time throughout the year, but the sooner you turn it in, the sooner you start saving $5 each month on your tuition!  We need at least 10 days before the start of the month to get it entered, submitted and processed to go on the next month’s batch.  IMPORTANT:  signing up for Recurring Card Payments with your credit/debit card in the online registration system does NOT qualify you for the $5 discount.  (only Autopay which is directly withdrawn from a bank account –set-up and run securely through SBSU- qualifies for the Autopay discount; Autopay cannot be withdrawn from a credit/debit card and qualify for the discount).


---IF YOU HAVE A REFERRAL DISCOUNT:  Please either email us the necessary information (see referral form HERE), or download the form and email it to us or bring it to us at the studio.  You will not receive your discount until we receive the required information.  There is no online promo code to enter for the referral discount.  We will adjust your tuition for you.  


You can take a picture of your forms on your phone and email them to our Office Manager.  To turn them in in person:  We will be at the studio July 21st, 22nd, and 23rd from 3:15-7pm.  We will be teaching classes, but you are welcome to drop your Autopay Forms and Referral Forms in our Black Payment Box in the Main Lobby or give them to any teacher.  We will also be available to drop forms off to during our Majestic & Ballet Team Placements Night on Wednesday, July 29th from 2:00-6:00pm (we cannot help with registration this night, but we can accept your Autopay & Referral Forms).  You can mail them to the studio (see CONTACT US page for address).  You can also turn them in the first week of dance; however, discounts will not be applied for August if they are turned in the first week of dance (to apply for August, they must be turned in before August 14th).  If they are turned in for August, they will take effect in September.

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