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Tuition & Fees

Regular Season Tuition 2022-2023


Family Tuition: Add together family's weekly class hours to figure family's tuition. NOTE: ACH AutoPay is different than regular debit or credit card automatic payments. You can only receive $5 off each month if you are using ACH. Please check below for our ACH Automatic payment form!


                                                                                  Monthly            With ACH AutoPay

                                      45 minutes per week.      $37                     $32

                                               1 hour per week      $42                     $37

                                          1.5 hours per week      $52                     $47

                                             2 hours per week      $64                     $59

                                          2.5 hours per week      $75                     $70

                                             3 hours per week      $85                     $80

                                          3.5 hours per week      $92                     $87

                                             4 hours per week      $99                     $94

                                          4.5 hours per week      $106                   $101

                                             5 hours per week      $114                   $109

                                             6 hours per week      $129                   $124 

                                             7 hours per week      $144                   $136

                                             8 hours per week      $159                   $154


                                unlimited single dancer      $115                   $110

                                             unlimited family      $175                   $170




NOTE: Monthly tuition is never pro-rated (with the exception of August which is half-tuition since we start halfway into the month). 

All other months are Full Tuition (as some months may have five weeks or some shorter months have a Recital

or a studio event/party where extra dance instruction is received).






-Check out our Refer-a-Friend discount program!  View and print that form HERE


-Receive $5 off each month's tuition by signing up for ACH Autopay!  Print that form HERE. Send completed form to or give to your dancers teacher.


-We offer the BEST family discounts by allowing you to add your family's tuition hours together.  This equals BIG savings!  Family rates are for SIBLINGS ONLY (not cousins).  Please see tuition list above!


-We also offer MANY fundraising opportunities throughout the year that may be applied toward your tuition and fee costs.  Some dancers even pay for all of their dance through fundraising!




Fees 2023-2024:

Click HERE to view our 2023-2024 Fee Schedule.  


-All students must pay a $40 Registration Fee.  

-Dancers have a costume fee (price varies, depending on class; see Fees List above), due October 1st.  

-Competition Team members have Competition Fees (price varies, depending on team; see Fees List above).  

-All dancers have a $20 Winter Recital Fee (due in November), $10 Ballet Recital Fee (due in April), and a $25 Recital Fee (due in May).

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